This repository contains 202 publications related to smart contract specification and verification, published from September, 2014 to June, 2020. To collect the relevant literature for analysis, we have performed the search in Google Scholar, ACM, IEEE and Springer databases using the following two queries:

("formal" ("verification" OR "modeling" OR "specification") "of smart contracts")
OR ("smart contract properties")
OR ("smart contract temporal properties")

("formal" ("verification" OR "modeling" OR "specification") "of smart contracts")
AND ("properties" OR ("temporal properties"))

In October 2019, we identified 70 papers that fall into the scope of the survey by exploring the results retrieved for each query. 85 more publications were obtained by snowballing and inverse snowballing based on the collected set of papers. To provide an overview of the state-of-the-art, the dataset includes another 47 papers that were retrieved using the queries from October, 2019 to June, 2020 by Google Scholar. The majority of the collected articles were published in the proceedings of 70 conferences and workshops (including ACM CCS, ASE, ESEC/FSE, IEEE SANER, S&P, IEEE/ACM ICSE, NDSS, ISoLA, FC, FM, and the affiliated workshops) or one of 13 journals (including ACM TOSEM, IEEE TSE, and IEEE Access).

If you use this dataset, please cite our survey:

    title={A Survey of Smart Contract Formal Specification and Verification},
    author={Palina Tolmach and Yi Li and Shang-Wei Lin and Yang Liu and Zengxiang Li},